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Joe Sutter is known as The “Father of the 747”

Joe Sutter is known as The “Father of the 747”. Seattle native Joe Sutter is best known for leading Boeing’s 4,500-member design team for the 747, the largest commercial airliner ever built for many decades until the Airbus A380. After serving in the U.S. Navy on a destroyer escort in World War II, he went to work for Boeing in 1946, retiring after 40 years.

The first 747 was built in 1968, and the final one in 2023. It transformed travel just like AI is transforming business. This means now is the time to act and make full use of the AI tools we currently have so we can be on the leading edge of change, and not become stagnant and outdated and be hit by the shock of newer and better technology and platforms in the future. That’s the purpose of this newsletter, to stay on that leading edge.

Why does this matter? Because what is working today will be outdated and replaced by better systems in the future.

And here’s what we have today;

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