I remember experiencing the first startup dotcom boom in the ’80s through the early 2000s, in which I made my residence in and around the Silicon Valley.

My neighbors would share early demo programming models, new technological breakthroughs in computer science, and software with me and, as an aircraft engineer with United Airlines, I witnessed and participated in developments of advanced systems intelligence and implementation of the first computer software operated airliners.

I turned down many career opportunites with software companies, including Intel, AMD, Adobe, Apple, and many more hoping for a brighter future with the airline until 9/11 when it all changed for me.

Since the earliest human civilizations, we’ve dreamed of ingesting a special potion, food, or pill that would solve our problems or instantaniously bestow desires.

The AI Goldrush is bringing conceptions of those thoughts closer into our lives everyday.

My team and I track the web, so you don’t have to.

Our main audience includes creators in many genres, engineers, designers, managers, investors, and startup founders in AI. Most anyone looking to gain an edge on their life and work.


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