Newsletter: Top Startups in 2023 You May Want To Model

Hello everyone. Three things that’ll get your attention: an ambulance with its siren blaring and appearing in your rearview mirror, a notice from your bank that your checking is overdrawn, and gas prices dropping. The last one is now easy to spot countrywide, with a gallon of regular going for $3.14 on average this week, which is the lowest it’s been all year being down from $3.87 in August.

And here’s what we have today:

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👔I’m excited to bring you David Barr today. David is a legend in the franchise industry. Is franchising the best business model? Podcast>>

⌚Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 Leaked specs: Amazing battery life….coming soon. The leaks touts an endurance of “up to 21 days” on a single charge, marking a substantial enhancement over the Galaxy Fit 2’s 15-day span. See it HERE>>

🎙️ I am glad to introduce Hannah Abad who is an expert at guiding high achievers out of chronic survival mode and burnout into powerful and deeply aligned growth and success through her proven and proprietary neuroscience and trauma-informed transformation method. Podcast>>

🧬Are creators getting lazy? Etsy is laying off 11 percent of its staff. 

👨🏼‍💼House Republicans formalize impeachment inquiry into President Biden.

📝 Startup Profiles

Bill Gates’ energy company backs liquid tin thermal battery startup.

👩🏻‍💻Avetis’s Hiring Philosophy and Startup Investment…

🦄Top Startups In 2023. Find Top Startups. Track newest startups funded by top investors.

🏆See how PastSight is helping SaaS companies win more prospects and win back customers.

🚀Sam Altman’s AI Chip Startup 

🧬Blaze AI for Marketing Want to build a huge following on Instagram? Use Blaze to write viral content that will bring you thousands of new followers and leads.

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👫Learn How to Build & Maintain Love Relationships by Terri Orbuch

🇦🇮  What Does No Artificial Intelligence Mean in Education?

🏫Guns In Schools. Schools should be a safe haven from the violence that touches so many Americans.

🧑‍🎓Learn to make money online. 16 Successful Strategies to Make Money Online

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