Newsletter: Addicted to Staying on the leading edge of the AI Goldrush

Addicted to Staying on the leading edge of the AI Goldrush

Serendipitous Encounters:

California is the 5th biggest economy in the world, yet what if the USA didn’t own California and Mexico did? This scenario was but one serendipitous encounter from being true, here’s how.

When California was still owned by Mexico, and the Mexican-American War and Conquest of California was underway, an encounter with Kit Carson and U.S. Army Brigadier General Stephen Watts Kearny and his brigade in the huge Sonoran Desert in 1846 — a hot desert east of San Diego — is one of the most serendipitous meetings in world history. The chances of Kit Carson, who was on foot, starving, and severely dehydrated, stumbling upon General Kearny’s battalion in this vast windy and dry territory is purely mind boggling. 

It was one that provided critical intelligence — Kit Carson was able to provide Kearny with crucial intelligence about the unrest in California and the weak defenses there. This influenced General Kearny’s decision to bring forces to conquer California.

Just like gold fever transformed the USA in 1849, through populating California with millions of people and preventing Mexico from overtaking the land won in 1847 with the strong stand of John C. Fremont, Kit Carson, and Brigadier General Stephen Watts Kearny, the new wave of AI gold fever will transform the internet with this billion dollar + industry. A behemoth niche that will fruitfully provide innovations in smoother idea communication, mega layered product knowledge, and expedited learning.

*Why does this matter? Because staying abreast of new developments in AI and looking for these serendipitous encounters gives each one of us a chance to enter into the wealth mechanism it’s creating. Staying on the leading edge of the AI Goldrush — keeping you up to date in a quick and precise manner — is the premise of Martin’s Minutes⏳

And here’s what I have today;

🍿Quick Bites

  • Free AI Video Generator by Collov. Transform your ideas into mesmerizing videos effortlessly.
  • How to reset your life in 7 days from creator Dan Koe. 5 things that will show you how to create a system for your life.

👀 Inside Story

👔Intel is spinning out an independent AI software company called Articul8 AI. Backing is coming mainly from DigitalBridge, and there are other investors. Articul8 grew out of Intel’s work with Boston Consulting Group on AI systems and is enterprise focused.It addresses customers’ privacy, security, and cost concerns about using cloud-based AI services.🍿Our Summary.

⌚A inside look at Sandwich – a video agency that’s created commercials for Shopify, Slack, Square, Instacart and Figma. You’ve probably seen their work. Ben spoke with the Founder, Adam, about how he introduced AI to his team, and how he uses AI in creative business.

🎙️ A Look Inside a $10M YouTube Business With Sean Cannell.

🧬 9 new things we will be able to do with AI in 2024!

📝 Startup Profiles

Clicks: A Blackberry keyboard for iPhone.

👩🏻‍💻Repurposa: Repurpose any content with AI.

🦄McAnswers AI. Simplify your coding journey. An AI tool specifically designed for developers!

🏆Understanding actions and consequences as a business owner of a startup. 

🚀Reiki by Web3Go. All in one AI agents creation and monetization platform.

🧬SaaS Boilerplates. Discover the best boilerplates & SaaS starter kits.

📈 Trends

The future of AI in legal proceedings. Court papers revealed that Attorney Michael Cohen inadvertently used fake legal citations generated by Google’s AI chatbot, Bard, in a motion submitted to a federal judge.

📊  SpaceX Starlink to Launch First Direct-to-Cell Internet Satellites.

🗃️ Jan 5th COVID Update: Deaths and Hospitalizations Increased.🚀How much will wages increase in 2024?

📚 Education

👫Harvard President Claudine Gay Resigns Under Pressure.

🇦🇮 Interested in starting your own AI or other niche newsletter? Matthew McGarry is a leader in the newsletter business. Read his tips: How To Pick Your Newsletter Niche.

🧑‍🎓Learn to become a proofreader. It’s going to be one of the most lucrative ancillary services of the AI Goldrush. With all the AI generated content someone needs to proofread and add links and style to the writing. This could be you. I’m sure there will be many people making $50,000 per year and more with their own proofreading business. 

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